• news-10-05-16-feature-pasta

    Italian Cuisine is statistically a British favourite

    Ponti’s Italian Kitchen diners are a discerning lot, and this latest survey proves it. 14,235 people, from the…

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  • feature-in-great-taste

    In great taste

    We’re finding it a little hard not to crow about the new spring menu at Ponti’s Italian Kitchen,…

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  • feature-glorious-food

    Glorious food

    Shameless mentions of the Emilia Romagna region adorn the Ponti’s Italian Kitchen website, and the area came to…

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  • feature-holy-grail-of-cheese

    The holy grail of cheeses

    Remember that scene at the end of Raiders of the Lost Ark with countless crates filling the warehouse…

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  • feature-nico

    Sleek-o Nico

    He sounds like an AC Milan centre forward, hails from the idyllic island of Ischia in the Gulf…

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  • feature-limoncello

    Limoncello – a masterpiece of smell and taste

    Next time you come and visit us, we’ll tempt you with our own just-launched limencello, which has undergone…

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  • feature-set-menu

    You asked, we listened

    Is early March one of those twilight periods when strange things occur? We only ask because over the…

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  • doyen-feature

    Ugo Sancassiani – doyen of Parma ham

    A 20-year relationship was rekindled this week when we travelled to Italy to source new products from the…

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  • 02-02-2016-feature

    The classic Italian regions, done to perfection

    We know, we know, we can sometimes sound like an old vinyl record with the needle stuck, but…

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  • news-200116-3

    Italian restaurant selects Sheffield’s Fox Valley for its first venture outside London

    London based Ponti’s Italian Kitchen has announced its first opening outside the capital – with a new Italian…

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