• wp-feat-fox-valley-opening

    We’re open in Sheffield

    Ponti’s Italian Kitchen has broken new ground with the fabulous official opening of its first restaurant outside the…

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  • wp-feat-focaccia

    The proving’s in the tasting

    If Ponti’s Italian Kitchen was a clock-maker, it would set its own watch each morning when fresh focaccia…

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  • wp-feat-own-label-oil

    Balsamic and olive oil – peas in a pod

    An Italian table without balsamic vinegar and olive oil is unthinkable, but as with all the best things…

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  • wp-feat-rob-huza

    Huza pasta masta blasta

    What better way for a chef heading an Italian restaurant than to hone his craft in a kitchen…

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  • feature-good-habits

    Good habits of the Mediterranean diet

    We thought so Habits are categorised in a pretty black and white way. Either good, such as 10,000…

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  • pontis-restaurant

    Focus on film

    For those who prefer your televisual action a little more refined, we’re delighted to bring you our Perini…

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  • pontis-tv

    Time for some ball watching

    With the Home Nations’ teams guaranteed to give 110% at the Euros, you’ll want to be onside with…

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  • news-10-05-16-feature-pasta

    Italian Cuisine is statistically a British favourite

    Ponti’s Italian Kitchen diners are a discerning lot, and this latest survey proves it. 14,235 people, from the…

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  • feature-in-great-taste

    In great taste

    We’re finding it a little hard not to crow about the new spring menu at Ponti’s Italian Kitchen,…

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  • feature-glorious-food

    Glorious food

    Shameless mentions of the Emilia Romagna region adorn the Ponti’s Italian Kitchen website, and the area came to…

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